Biodegradable ‘ProFlora’ Pre & Pro biotic+Fibre for Dogs & Cats. Digestion & Bowels & Immunity


‘ProFlora’ Pre & Pro-Biotic with Added Fibre for Dogs & Cats
60 Simple ‘Sprinkle’ Capsules Did you know 80% of your dogs immunity is generated in its gut ?

  • Pre & Pro-biotic help reduce bowel frequency and liquid stools and diarrhoea & flatulence
  • Added Fibre helps regulate bowl movements
  • Inulin helps with constipation
  • Rebalances gut bacteria after courses of prescription Antibiotics & Corticosteroids that can decimate ‘good’ bacteria
  • Alleviates skin problems including the occurrence or symptoms of atopic dermatitis
  • Aids overall good health
  • Maintains a healthy balance of digestive flora
  • Re-balances the gut PH increasing acid and reducing illness causing alkaline
  • Settles your pets tummy & improves energy levels
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Lactobacillus Acidophilus 150 Billion cfu, Inulin Powder 200mg, Psyllium Husk Powder min 85% 290mg

These tablets are meant to be eaten directly, or as part of a meal, and easily crushed if necessary into your dog’s food or a treat.

Cats 1 Capsule per day


Up to 10kg: 1 Capsule per day
11-25kg: 2 Capsules per day
25kg-40kg: 3 Capsules per day
Over 40kg: 4 Capsules per day

Dose can be given based on approximately one tablet per 10 – 125kg of weight.

If under medical supervision please consult a vet before use. Keep away from children. Store in a cool, dry place

Additional Benefits

All Natural Ingredients
Drug Free
From £0.09P per day for Cats £0.18p for Dogs
Formulated by Professional Pet Groomers and animal Nutritionists
Manufactured in the UK
Manufactured to GMP code of practice for human and animal health supplements and ISO 9001
Free Delivery (UK) Mainland
Convenient flat pack plastic bottle to fit through your letterbox – no need to be home for delivery.

Our environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging 
At crossway cottage we care about the environment. This is why we are starting to introduce our new bio-degradable range of packaging. Our stand up pouches are made with superior quality Kraft Paper. They breakdown naturally into organic agents, from exposure to natural environmental factors such as heat and moisture.
Benefits of biodegradable packaging (Ref. )
Composting biodegradable plastics along with traditional biodegradable paper products means they can be turned into rich humic material, which can improve water and nutrient retention and help grow healthier plants with less need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Fuel Efficiency
Biodegradable plastic production processes take 65 percent less energy than required to produce petroleum-based plastics making biodegradable plastics the top energy-efficient choice. Biodegradable products are made from renewable resources like corn, sugar cane and potato starch instead of oil.
Less Pollution
Biodegradable plastic consumer products produce 68 percent less greenhouse gasses than petroleum-based plastic products. Manufacturing biodegradable consumer products produces far less pollution. Because the products can break back down into nontoxic components, they don’t cause dangerous chemical leachate that can poison water or offgassing that can pollute the air.

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How Do I Know If My Pet Needs a Probiotic Supplement?

The health of an animal’s GI tract can be easily compromised by everything from emotional stress to unhealthy lifestyle choices they have no control over. Over 80% of your pets immune system is generated in the gut. An imbalance of bad bacterium over good has a detrimental effect on many areas of your pets’ health.

As an example, veterinary antibiotics and corticosteroids are overprescribed, and both types of drugs can decimate the helpful bacteria in your pet’s gut. Other stressors that can open the door for pathogenic bacteria to overwhelm the good bugs include a sudden change in diet for a pet that’s been eating the same food every day for months or years; a poor quality, biologically inappropriate diet; eating non-food items like poop, grass or rocks; drinking unclean water; ingestion of toxins; vaccinations; boarding; travel; GI disease and surgery.

When GI stressors throw the balance of good-to-bad gut bacteria out of whack, it can create a cascade of nutritional and other health problems. It also opens the door to leaky gut syndrome (dysbiosis), which means your dog or cat is absorbing partially digested amino acids and allergens into the bloodstream. This can trigger a wide range of additional health problems, from allergies to autoimmune disease.

Benefits of Probiotics and Pre biotics for Dogs and Cats

Many of us think of bacteria as harmful, or even deadly, but did you know that certain bacteria are not only desirable, but necessary for your pet’s good health?

“Friendly” bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus Lactobacillus this helpful microorganisms that can reside in your dog or cat’s intestinal tract where they play an important role in defending his body against disease and illness.

These kinds of bacteria are referred to as “friendly” because, rather than causing illness and disease, they serve to defend your pet from harmful organisms, which can invade his body from time to time.

Keeping this complex ecosystem of microorganisms in balance, however, is not always easy. In this on-going “tug of war” between friendly and harmful bacteria, sometimes the friendly bacteria get outnumbered due to a number of causes:

· The use of prescription drugs
· The ageing process
· Skin problems including Alleviating the occurrence or symptoms of atopic dermatitis.
· An inadequate diet
· A compromised and weakened immune systems
· Fertilisers, pesticides and other chemical pollutants
· Stress
· Poor Nutrient absorption
· Diarrhoea& Constipation

Probiotics and Antibiotics

One of the most common ways that the ratio of friendly-to-harmful bacteria gets nudged out of balance is through the use of antibiotics. Of course, the use of these drugs is not always avoidable, especially if your dog or cat is fighting a serious infection.

Unfortunately, antibiotics are not able to distinguish between friendly and harmful bacteria, so when eradicating the harmful bacteria (the source of many serious infections), they also kill off a large number of friendly bacteria. This leaves your pet with even less of a defence the next time he is exposed to harmful microorganisms.

Chemicals in the water supply and soil can have much the same effect. They do eliminate many of the harmful bacteria your pet is exposed to; but they also upset the balance between good and harmful bacteria. In this way, chemicals can also have a negative impact on your pet’s health.

Even a natural event such as ageing can affect the balance of good and harmful bacteria in your pet’s intestinal tract. Regardless of the cause, if your pet shows any of the signs of an unhealthy intestinal tract, this should serve as a red flag: It’s time to intervene and help your pet get his intestinal ecosystem back on the right track. Some of the most common symptoms of an unhealthy digestive tract are the following:

· Flatulence
· Constipation
· Diarrhoea
· Sluggishness and low energy
· Skin problems
· Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
· Low Energy

Probiotic Supplements – Replacing Friendly Bacteria

One of the simplest and most effective remedies for poor digestion is to administer probiotics to your pet. Probiotics are supplements comprised of different kinds of friendly bacteria. The ingredients in them may vary from brand to brand, as do the methods of delivery. For instance, probiotics may come in capsule, paste, liquid, or tablet form. They may even be included in some brands of commercial pet food, although this is not considered the best source since, according to some studies, certain brands do not contain the amount or even the kind of probiotics that are stated on the labels. For this reason, supplements are considered the more effective way to go.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are the nutrients that act as the energy source or food for the “good” bacteria that live in the intestinal tract. They help the beneficial bacteria thrive. Prebiotics are a specialised form of fibre. We all understand that fibre is a necessary part of a healthy diet for humans and helps regulate our bowls – the same is true of our pets. ProFlora Probiotic has added fibre to help maintain regular and healthy bowels.

Our  supplements contain only premium, high quality, ingredients that are at 90% to 100% ‘human grade’ in all our products and have been formulated by the fusion of experienced professional groomers and highly qualified nutritionists at Crossway Cottage Pet Remedies Ltd

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60 tablets, 120 tablets

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